A look into the minds of real-life American Psychos

When we think of white-collar criminals, we picture a CEO getting caught up in the latest financial scandal. but there is a subgroup within these seemingly nonviolent offenders who are never discussed in mainstream media – the white-collar criminals who kill.

Join Catherine Townsend as she dives into the minds of these real-life American Psychos…who are often hiding in plain sight. This is Red Collar.

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The Episodes

Episode 1: Christopher Porco

The Preppy Axe Murderer

In November 2004, the axe murder of Peter Porco and the brutal attack on his wife Joan shook the small town of Delmar, New York. Police began taking a closer look at the picture perfect family – especially their son, Chris. But could a preppy, clean-cut college kid really turn into an axe murderer?

Episode 2 - Clark Rockefeller

The Talented Mr. Rockefeller

A con man pretends to be Clark Rockefeller, heir to the famous oil dynasty. But investigators will discover that the man the tabloids call “Crockefeller” is a serial imposter, grifter, and kidnapper – and start asking questions about a human skeleton they found buried in his former backyard.

Episode 3 - Mark Barton

Bloodbath in Buckhead

On July 29, 1999, Mark Barton, a day trader known as “The Shark,” walked into his former office in Atlanta. He was smiling – until he pulled out two guns and opened fire on his colleagues. By the end of the day, 12 people would be dead and 13 wounded in a bloodbath that shocked the nation. What caused the family man and Cub Scout leader to snap and kill not just his former colleagues, but his entire family?

Episode 4 - Rick Wayne Valentini

Sleeping With The Enemy

In 2008, when Jamie Laiaddee vanished without a trace from her home outside Phoenix, it took ten weeks for anyone to notice that she was missing. The trail led to her personal trainer boyfriend Bryan. But it turned that nothing that Jamie had believed about her “soulmate” Bryan – his job, his age, his marital status, and even his name – was real. Could Jamie have been sharing her bed with a psychopath?

Episode 5 - Albert Walker

The Rolex Murder

In the summer of 1996, a fisherman off the southern coast of England dragged up a dead body in their net, still wearing his Rolex watch. Police’s search for the identity of the mystery man would lead them to Albert Walker, one of Interpol’s most wanted fugitives, subject of an international manhunt, multi-million dollar conman – and murderer.

Episode 6 - Ed Shin

Deadly Dream Trip

In 2010, millionaire entrepreneur Chris Smith disappeared on what his family believed was a dream trip on a yacht with a stack of gold coins and a Playboy Playmate on his arm. But Chris wasn’t sailing around the world; he was dead. And police were about to uncover dark secrets connected to his business partner Ed Shin.

Episode 7 - Chris Watts

Superdad Psychopath

In August 2018, a pregnant Shanaan Watts and her two daughters disappeared without a trace from their home in Frederick Colorado. The entire nation watched in horror as her husband, Chris Watts, confessed to strangling her and their daughters to death and dumping their bodies at his work site. Investigators pointed to Chris affair with a co-worker as the primary motive – but behind the happy social media posts, huge house and affluent lifestyle, the Watts’ finances were falling apart. What role did money, and multi-level marketing, play in the Watts murders?

Episode 8 - Natavia Lowery

Murder on Fifth Avenue

When multi-millionaire realtor to the stars Linda Stein was found brutally beaten to death in her Upper East Side apartment, the case shocked New York high society. Investigators began to wonder if her soft-spoken, young personal assistant Natavia Lowery had something to hide.  

Episode 9

All American Family Murder

On February 4, 2010 the McStay family disappeared without a trace from their home in Fallbrook, California. Over the years, the case made international headlines and everyone seemed to have a theory about what happened to the family of four: Did they walk over the border to Mexico to start new lives? Were they kidnapped? Did they meet with foul play? After their bodies were found in the desert near Victorville, California, investigators began to look for a killer much closer to home.

Catherine Townsend


Catherine Townsend

Catherine Townsend is a writer, licensed private investigator and podcaster. Her work has appeared in publications including The Atlantic, The New York Post, Elle, The Daily Beast, GQ, The Independent, the Daily Mail and on the Investigation Discovery network.

Catherine began her career as a staff writer for New York magazine and then moved to London, where she created the “Sleeping Around” dating column for The Independent newspaper. She wrote two bestselling books based on her columns – and discovered that dating and detective work have a lot in common.

But her true passion has always been solving mysteries. So after moving back to Los Angeles, she channeled her inner Nancy Drew and, after three years and 6,000 hours of training, acquired her private investigator license.

She threw herself into investigative journalism full-time, and is now the host of the hit iHeartMedia podcast Hell and Gone in addition to audiochuck’s Red Collar.

Catherine holds a B.A. in Journalism and Politics from New York University and an M.A. in International Journalism from City University in London.


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